Frequently Asked Questions -


I am - Bi, Gay, Straight, Married, Divorced, Questioning, Disabled, Overweight...

This doesn't matter to me, in my years of practice, I have worked with all sorts of people... From Joe SixPack, athletes, both professional and amateur, as well as folks with many different physical and health limitations.

Do you work on men and women?

I limit my practice to men exclusively - In general, I find women look for a more "luxurious" or spa experience... gentle, slow, escape from the world type of body work.

While I am capable of this, I prefer to focus on helping men recover from injury or improve their performance.

Further, I find the size of my hands and my overall strength, better suited to a mans body, even for basic relaxation work.

How long are your massage sessions?

Unlike a day spa. Where an hour is not truly and hour... Check in with reception, disrobe, get massaged and out the door all in an hour...This really means 47-50 minutes of hands on time with your therapist. I function differently.

I schedule 60, 90 and 120 minute appointments depending on your needs. - This is the time you're actually on the table.

Additional time is needed to go through some questions with you, regarding your health, physical issues, injuries and the like, so we can map out the most effective treatment for you.

I do not schedule 30 minute appointments.

I provide a shower, fresh towels, body wash and shampoo for your use before and or after your massage as you choose.

When are you available?

In general, I see clients six days a week Tuesday - Sunday 900AM to 800PM for the last start of the day.

Excepting a holiday, I use Monday as my catch up day. I will see you on a Monday, if you find yourself injured, or in pain. Please call me directly if that is the case - 562.732.4458.

Am I naked?

I prefer for a client fully strip down for me to work on them, it allows me access to the lower back, gluteals and in to the upper portion of the backs of your legs. I am more than happy to cover you with a modesty drape.

The ability to fully work these areas makes a huge difference in relieving low back pain and sciatica.

Will you work nude?

I have far too many hours of training, certifications and skills to work nude.

While many will tell you that nude work improves the connection between the massage therapist and the client.

It was my experience when I was in school, that nude equals unskilled. – That the focus lies in places that are not about making you and your body better.

If you truly need / want a nude practitioner, I suggest looking towards Google.

Beyond that, I maintain licensing in different localities, in addition to my national certifications, these all have ethical and legal requirements that prohibit, nudity.

Can I touch you?

I find with many, touching who is working on them, casually, helps to improve the connection and allows them to relax more fully.

I have no issues with being touched, many times a client has held on to my leg or casually brushed. I just ask that the touch be respectful.

Is your work sexual?

No, I save that for my relationship.

While I have training from the Body Electric School, and I am fully capable of making your massage softer gentle and relaxing, should that be what you want. It just cannot involve genital contact.  My work is not “release” or orgasm focused.

What happens if I get an erection?

They are normal. I’d be more surprised if a man did not.  A very common aspect, of feeling relaxed and being touched. I take no meaning in a client’s erection.

I am often the first time someone has ever been touched by another man; it’s a calm quiet non judgmental space. In short, nothing happens.

Why do you work from home?

It allows me the freedom to spend more time with a client, and not have to worry about seeing the next patient or client as I did in my employment in Chiropractic offices or in day spas.  This is a benefit for you.

Over time, in seeing a client, we develop a bond; the time is as much physical therapy as it can be emotional therapy. If I had to clear a client every 47 minutes as I once did, this would not be possible.

I don’t think the cookie cutter approach to therapy is beneficial to client or practitioner. Not having the overhead of an office, allows me to not practice therapy by the numbers.

Can you come to me?

In general, I will not work outside of my space. With the very reasonable fees I charge, it simply does not make economic sense for me to travel even with a “travel fee”

The exception to this is - if you have your own table, AND have an existing relationship with me and live in post codes 90804 and 90814, I will come to you.

Do you use oil or lotion?

I use both actually, depending upon the client’s body type and the type of work I am doing. Extensive deep tissue work, I use lotion exclusively.

The oil is comprised of Sweet Almond, Apricot, Avocado, Hazelnut, Pecan, Safflower and Vitamin E. It is unscented, non greasy and non-staining.

The lotion has a Jojoba base with Arnica, Aloe and Vitamin E – Very subtly scented, and non-staining, has a very high skin absorption level.



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