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When you shouldn't....

Massage may not be advised, or may need to be modified, if a client is currently on certain medications, such as:

  • Blood thinners, which may result in bruising with heavy pressure or deep tissue work.
  • Blood pressure medications, which can result in low blood pressure and dizziness upon sitting up or standing after a massage.
  • Topical drugs such as hormone or antibiotic creams, as the medications can be transferred to the therapist. Also, the massage cream may interfere with the client's absorption of the medication.
  • Injectable medication, such as insulin. The therapist should avoid the injection site, since massage can interfere with how the drug is absorbed.
  • Muscle relaxers. In this case, the therapist may want to avoid static stretches, which might overstretch the muscles.
  • Pain killers. "If a client can't give good feedback on whether massage pressure hurts and where it hurts, a massage therapist may choose to stick with light pressure massage .

Change in your medication, please let me know..I always want to o whats best for you

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