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A visual on why you should sit less...




Sitting is really killing you....

The most common piece of advice I give a client is stand up a few minutes out of every hour... now theres proof!


Recent info-graphic from Medical Billing.org shows...


As soon you sit down -

Electrical activity to your legs is cut off.

Calorie burning drops significantly.

Enzymes in your blood that break down fat, drop by 90%.


So Stand, even if its just for a minute.






Everyone - Should foam roll...

Nagging low back or knee pain?

The use of a roller creates "Self Myofascial Release" (SMR) - Its the self controlled version of what I do for you.

 ”Traditional stretching techniques simply cause increases in muscle length and can actually increase your chances of injury. Self-myofascial release (SMR) on the foam roller, on the other hand, offers safe benefits and breakdown of soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue in fascia. Fascia is a three-dimensional fibrous matrix that interconnects throughout all cells of the body. Fascia surrounds muscles, bones, and joints which gives our body structural integrity and strength.  Abnormal fascia can be the leading cause of chronic pain, reduced flexibility and decreased athletic performance.” - Journal of Sports Medicine 2011

A foam roller easily found on Amazon, in your local gym or your local sporting goods seller.

Below is an example of how to - This follow the link



Neck Pain Regimen

Ten massages over 10 weeks, sounds pretty good to us all... But its even better.

According to a 2009 article in the Clinical Journal of Pain.

Peoplewith chronic neck pain, following the 10 for 10 regimen reported a 55% improvement.

Better yet, the study participants showed a 39% improvement on the Neck Disability Index, a test that measures neck pain impact.


Your new best friend...

Yeah.. don't laugh even if it is smiling at you!

Aching upper back? Take the toy away from the dog (maybe clean it first) ... Lay down on the floor over the ball in the area of your shoulder blades and just relax in to it. Give yourself 45-60 seconds and then trade sides with the ball.